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 The educational tools available today are highly impressive. I used to “not like” how technology has made things very easy nowadays especially when gadgets and apps gets in between the relationship of people. For instance, people become uninterested in socializing and talking to their loved ones in person because they can text, call or simply send an email. However, I also have a different view when it comes to the use of apps. I love apps especially the educational ones. I personally believe that educational apps are very helpful to students especially those who have very short attention span. Apps motivates students to learn and they are almost always accessible too. Students love using gadgets and when they use educational apps, learning is always available every time they use their cell phones, laptops or tablets. Anyway, I found this article here about the best apps for students. I hope this article will be of help to you, please have a look:

16 Best Apps for Students – Education Apps new tablet or phone you’re bringing to school isn’t just for sharing photos on Instagram or checking Twitter. Your device can also be a great study partner. Whether you’re looking to take better notes and sync them with the cloud or you’re trying to crack a mind-bending math problem, the right apps can help you get ahead. Other apps make it easier to cram for tests with digital flash cards or shared study guides. Here are 16 excellent student apps that more than make the grade.

Evernote Peek helps you prepare for upcoming quizzes with flair. With this well-designed app you can take notes–whether scribbled, spoken or drawn–and quickly turn them into study notes. You can also make use of your iPad’s Smart Cover to quiz yourself. Via

I am actually using many apps and I recommend many of them to my students. I also have a lot of reading materials that I collected and I’ll be sharing them to you in the coming days. I hope you continue to visit my website for more updates! If you are preparing for the IELTS exam, you would surely find help from visiting here!

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