English-Speaking Abilities of Immigrants

I came across this article here yesterday while I was browsing the internet, and the first thing I thought about was to post it here. This article talks about the English-speaking abilities of immigrants in the United States. It gave me a lot of things to think about such as the former students I had who were trying to speak English and gain access to America. Those students were never confident about their ability to speak English. However, after weeks of hard work and practice, they were able to gain confidence and trust in themselves. They were able to eliminate the feeling of nervousness every time they speak the English language. Today, they are already in Colorado and are sending me some message through Facebook. I am very happy for the success they achieved after all their perseverance and hard work. Many immigrants in the United States have English-speaking abilities and this is because they are required to become English proficient before they can get inside the country. IELTS is typically used to measure the English proficiency skills of immigrants. Anyway, check this article out:

English-Speaking Abilities of Immigrants: A Snapshot From the U.S. Census Bureau – Learning the Language – Education Week

http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/learning-the-language/2014/06/forty-four_percent_of_immigran.htmlBy contrast, 63 percent of immigrants who came prior to 1980 reported that they have “high” English-speaking abilities, while 6 percent of those immigrants who’ve been in the U.S. for at least that period of time don’t speak any English. Overall, about half of foreign-born residents who are 5 and older either speak English exclusively, or “very well,” the report found.

This snapshot of English-speaking skills among the U.S. foreign-born population comes from data collected in 2012 in the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

Among the nearly 41 million immigrants who are 5 and older, 15 percent reported that they spoke only English at home.  Via blogs.edweek.org

This article actually made me feel good knowing that the U.S. Census Bureau have recognized the English-speaking abilities of their immigrants. If you happen to be looking for an English tutor, I recommend you consider looking at what Teacher Jon can offer you. I have many more posts and reading materials to feature here, I hope you continue to visit my website and keep yourself updated.

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