How to Pass a Job Interview

A job – this is one of the most important things in the world for many people. However, unemployment has continually been rising and this results in very tough competition among applicants. You need to be the best candidate to get the job and one of the ways to demonstrate your competitiveness is to pass the job interview. There are actually many ways to impress the interviewer and prove that you are the person that the company is looking for. This article here discusses the steps on how to pass a job interview. I thought about posting this here for students who are about to graduate and anyone who’s looking for a job. Even the most inexperienced applicant can have a high chance of being hired if he or she performs well during the interview process. I hope this article will provide you some brilliant inputs, check it out:

How to Pass a Job Interview ~ Executive Republic will make an impression as a serious candidate if you come to the interview with some background knowledge about the company and the direction in which it’s heading.

Try and figure out the goals of the business or the organization that you’re applying for a job with, getting some sense of their style and the way they situate themselves against their competitors.

Focus on using the vocabulary that shows up on the company’s website.

If you’re applying for a serving job at a “farm-to-table” restaurant, you should probably be familiar with what that means. Via

I would love to share more of the articles and reading materials I have in my possession. I’ve ben researching and have collected quite a number of amazing articles including some study techniques for IELTS. If you are preparing for this English language proficiency test, I suggest you check out this website Anyway, please do keep yourself updated for my posts in the coming days.

IELTS Test Requirement To Work Abroad

Here is an awesome article about working abroad. Students and many test takers I know travel to other countries just to find better job opportunities.Of course, they need to pass the IELTS test first before they can legally study, live and work abroad. Check out this article.

Working Abroad: The Experience of Culture Shock | Psychology Today

It takes a lot of money to send an employee abroad: travel, accommodation, family resettlement costs. Yet for an embarrassingly large number of people it “does not work out”. They don’t function very well. A great adventure and a golden opportunity turns into a nightmare. Divorce, drinking problems, depression…..pretty grim legacy from what was meant to be a wonderful move.

Many organisations are happy to employee “the natives” at a junior level, but want tried and tested people from head office to go and “run the show”. They know how the business works and understand the culture. Their job is a sort of cultural franchising, or corporate colonialism. We need “our man” in charge who is happy to show the locals how it should be done.

The question then is whom to choose to go abroad. Is it to be seen as a punishment or a reward? Much depends on where you are sent, for how long and to do what. There are many dilemmas to be resolved. Should you send relatively young people who are fit and adaptable and can probably pick up the “local lingo”? What if they have a young family? And what if the spouse is not so keen? So why not send a silver-back alpha male on a “last tour” to improve the natives. But that could prove very costly….and perhaps there will be few volunteers. Via

Check out this article about the IELTS requirement for spouse visa. Test takers should keep this in mind as they can only bring their spouse when this particular requirement is met.

IELTS requirement for spouse visa | IELTS Preparation in Karachi people ask about the requirement of IELTS for spouse visas for UK, Australia and Canada. Some people their partners or main applicant’s status is student, businessman, residence or immigration. What they require at maximum is 5.0 band overall and Type of test is General Training.

I have had candidates in Defence and Clifton area in Karachi who required  3.5 in three modules and in one 4.0 and overall was 4.0 requirement. Some for in Australia whose partners have immigrant status require 4.5 overall but it varies on visa type i think.

For UK whether the main applicant is British citizen or hold work permit, the spouse needs 4.5 or 5.0 band. But i always suggest to get 5 band minimum to be on secure side. Via

I hope this helps.Keep yourself update, I’ll be posting more in the coming days or weeks.