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Steps In Choosing The Right University

Are you excited to finally enter or send someone in college? if you are well you are on the right page. Choosing the right school is essential to academic success. I have here two posts that provide some pertinent information on how to properly land on the right academic institution. When I was out to enter college, after I passed my IELTS exam, my friends and I spent a lot of time choosing one school to another and considering the pros and cons. luckily, we were able to spot the school that significantly helped us achieve our goals back then. Anyway, I hope you find this post helpful:

How Do You Choose the Right University? | Veritas Prep

As you are sitting and surfing through the seemingly infinite educational institutions to which you could send the credentials? It is easy to descend into a full-fledged panic attack. After all it’s only the ONE decision that will determine EVERY PROCEEDING MOMENT OF your LIFE.

Take a breath, friend! This decision, like many others that determine your surroundings for a period of time, is important. But before you get so stressed you decide to ditch the whole process and start a new life for yourself in Malaysia (a tempting place to start a new life, take my word for it), ask yourself these questions and know that any experience is very much what you make of it. Via veritasprep.com

This article here talks about the websites that can help you choose the right college. I thought this would be helpful if shared here. Please have a look:

5 Websites That May Help You Choose The University Or College Thats Right For You CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — For many high school seniors, fall means deciding where to apply for college and maybe visiting a guidance counselor. Picking a college is nothing like it once was. In 1980, there were 3,150 colleges and universities, according to the Department of Education. Now, there are close to 4,700 and data crunchers hope to help. Photo Credit Thinkstock The popularity of social media sites and advancements in the ability to analyze the vast amounts of data we put online give members of the class of 2015 more tools than ever to help chart their next step, even if finding the right college is an inexact science.

While popular, these online search tools definitely have their limitations. Every student is an individual. No website can predict with 100% accuracy your chances of admission, or if once you’re in, you’ll be satisfied. Via sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com

There are several things to consider in choosing the right university. I am actually going to share more articles here in the coming days about the best universities available in Singapore, so please do keep yourself updated for my informational posts.

Tips Towards IELTS Success


The IELTS exam is, for many people, an English language proficiency test that can change lives. Passing the test typically results in the test takers being able to study, work, or live in an English speaking country. Now, if you are preparing for the IELTS test (and by the way, vocabulary is extremely important), you need to do some measures to ensure that you will do well during the exam day. I am going to discuss here some tips on how you can succeed during the test.

You may probably have already known that the test has four sections, namely the listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Many people believe that the toughest ones are the writing and speaking sections. This leaves the listening and reading sections easy.

To do well in the listening test, you need to familiarize yourself with the situation, sound, and speakers. You can do this by using the example at the start of the first section. Make sure that you continue to listen until the recording stops and you only look at the questions that are associated with the part that is being played. Bear in mind that there will be pauses between sections, and you may use them to get yourself ready for the next set of questions. There are listening questions, and you need to answer them in an order they are presented on the Question Paper. Check your grammar and spelling while transferring your answers to the answer sheet.

For the Academic reading section, you can start by simply reading through every passage. This allows you to identify features like the style, topics, writer’s purpose and others. always remember that reading tasks may contain an example answer so what you need to do is determine why it is correct.

 In academic writing, you need to remember that there are no possible marks for Task 2 than Task 1, and you need to stick to the suggested timing. You will lose marks if you write less than 150 words in answering Task 1 or 250 words in Task 2. When planning and writing your essay, make sure that you allocate plenty of time to recheck your work. Make sure that you organize your ideas and sentences as well as link them appropriately. You can use a range of language to demonstrate your ability to express opinions and discuss ideas.

For the speaking section, make sure that you don’t provide a prepared speech, or discuss a topics that is not related to the one you are required to discuss. Do not talk to the recording equipment, and instead speak to the Examiner. When saying a “yes” or a “no” to the examiner, make sure that you elaborate your answer. Bear in mind that it is not your general knowledge that is being tested, but your ability to speak using the English language.

How to Pass a Job Interview

A job – this is one of the most important things in the world for many people. However, unemployment has continually been rising and this results in very tough competition among applicants. You need to be the best candidate to get the job and one of the ways to demonstrate your competitiveness is to pass the job interview. There are actually many ways to impress the interviewer and prove that you are the person that the company is looking for. This article here discusses the steps on how to pass a job interview. I thought about posting this here for students who are about to graduate and anyone who’s looking for a job. Even the most inexperienced applicant can have a high chance of being hired if he or she performs well during the interview process. I hope this article will provide you some brilliant inputs, check it out:

How to Pass a Job Interview ~ Executive Republic

http://executiverepublic.blogspot.com/2014/09/how-to-pass-job-interview.htmlYou will make an impression as a serious candidate if you come to the interview with some background knowledge about the company and the direction in which it’s heading.

Try and figure out the goals of the business or the organization that you’re applying for a job with, getting some sense of their style and the way they situate themselves against their competitors.

Focus on using the vocabulary that shows up on the company’s website.

If you’re applying for a serving job at a “farm-to-table” restaurant, you should probably be familiar with what that means. Via executiverepublic.blogspot.com

I would love to share more of the articles and reading materials I have in my possession. I’ve ben researching and have collected quite a number of amazing articles including some study techniques for IELTS. If you are preparing for this English language proficiency test, I suggest you check out this website http://ielts.com.sg. Anyway, please do keep yourself updated for my posts in the coming days.

Best Educational Apps for Students

 The educational tools available today are highly impressive. I used to “not like” how technology has made things very easy nowadays especially when gadgets and apps gets in between the relationship of people. For instance, people become uninterested in socializing and talking to their loved ones in person because they can text, call or simply send an email. However, I also have a different view when it comes to the use of apps. I love apps especially the educational ones. I personally believe that educational apps are very helpful to students especially those who have very short attention span. Apps motivates students to learn and they are almost always accessible too. Students love using gadgets and when they use educational apps, learning is always available every time they use their cell phones, laptops or tablets. Anyway, I found this article here about the best apps for students. I hope this article will be of help to you, please have a look:

16 Best Apps for Students – Education Apps

http://blog.laptopmag.com/best-student-appsThat new tablet or phone you’re bringing to school isn’t just for sharing photos on Instagram or checking Twitter. Your device can also be a great study partner. Whether you’re looking to take better notes and sync them with the cloud or you’re trying to crack a mind-bending math problem, the right apps can help you get ahead. Other apps make it easier to cram for tests with digital flash cards or shared study guides. Here are 16 excellent student apps that more than make the grade.

Evernote Peek helps you prepare for upcoming quizzes with flair. With this well-designed app you can take notes–whether scribbled, spoken or drawn–and quickly turn them into study notes. You can also make use of your iPad’s Smart Cover to quiz yourself. Via blog.laptopmag.com

I am actually using many apps and I recommend many of them to my students. I also have a lot of reading materials that I collected and I’ll be sharing them to you in the coming days. I hope you continue to visit my website for more updates! If you are preparing for the IELTS exam, you would surely find help from visiting here http://www.sais.com.sg!

English-Speaking Abilities of Immigrants

I came across this article here yesterday while I was browsing the internet, and the first thing I thought about was to post it here. This article talks about the English-speaking abilities of immigrants in the United States. It gave me a lot of things to think about such as the former students I had who were trying to speak English and gain access to America. Those students were never confident about their ability to speak English. However, after weeks of hard work and practice, they were able to gain confidence and trust in themselves. They were able to eliminate the feeling of nervousness every time they speak the English language. Today, they are already in Colorado and are sending me some message through Facebook. I am very happy for the success they achieved after all their perseverance and hard work. Many immigrants in the United States have English-speaking abilities and this is because they are required to become English proficient before they can get inside the country. IELTS is typically used to measure the English proficiency skills of immigrants. Anyway, check this article out:

English-Speaking Abilities of Immigrants: A Snapshot From the U.S. Census Bureau – Learning the Language – Education Week

http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/learning-the-language/2014/06/forty-four_percent_of_immigran.htmlBy contrast, 63 percent of immigrants who came prior to 1980 reported that they have “high” English-speaking abilities, while 6 percent of those immigrants who’ve been in the U.S. for at least that period of time don’t speak any English. Overall, about half of foreign-born residents who are 5 and older either speak English exclusively, or “very well,” the report found.

This snapshot of English-speaking skills among the U.S. foreign-born population comes from data collected in 2012 in the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

Among the nearly 41 million immigrants who are 5 and older, 15 percent reported that they spoke only English at home.  Via blogs.edweek.org

This article actually made me feel good knowing that the U.S. Census Bureau have recognized the English-speaking abilities of their immigrants. If you happen to be looking for an English tutor, I recommend you consider looking at what Teacher Jon can offer you. I have many more posts and reading materials to feature here, I hope you continue to visit my website and keep yourself updated.

Fruits That Can Help Boost Brain Power

I love fruits and I also love the idea that they are extremely healthy to consume. Aversive I was a student, I’ve always consumed fruits especially during snack time. I consider myself to be a healthy eater not because I prefer plant-based food but because I also avoid eating processed foods and those with chemicals. This article here talks about the fruits that can boost brain power, which I find really helpful especially to students. I used to remind my students to reduce their intake of junk food and unhealthy beverages and instead consume fruits and vegetables. I’ve always believed that eating foods that have the highest nutritional values can significantly help improve physical and mental health. What I usually do is use some recipes that can help me prepare delectable dishes using healthy ingredients. Anyway, I hope this article will give you more insights about how the fruits that you love can help improve your brain health and function. Check this out:

Fruits that Boost Your Brain Power

http://calmingcorners.com/2014/10/fruits-that-boost-you-brain-power/ There are some great health benefits to these three fruits. Along with many vitamins and minerals, they also help your brain. Indulge freely and know you are getting smarter with every chew.

Berries – With many vitamins and antioxidant properties, berries are also known to boost brain power. Researchers have shown that the polyphenolics in berries play an important role in helping microglia, the brain’s housekeeping cells. This is known to remove and recycle harmful biochemical debris off the brain.

Banana – Due to its high volume of B vitamins this food is known to suppress homocysteine an amino acid that is linked to brain shrinkage and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Banana’s also have a wonderful source of magnesium. This mineral helps facilitate the electrical activity between the nerve cells in your brain. Via calmingcorners.com

There is a wide variety of fruits available at the grocery stores. I suggest you choose ones that are organically grown as they are usually free from pesticides and other chemicals that are detrimental to health. I’ll be posting more interesting articles here about memory enhancement techniques and test preparation, I hope you keep yourself updated by visiting this website or better yet, here http://theieltsschool.com.

Effective Study Habits Every Student Should Know

While I was reviewing the study guides and other reading materials I provided my students with, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not the study tips and techniques were helpful to them. Well, some of my students actually have given me a feedback and they were grateful for the reading materials I have given them. I’m aiming to make a compilation of study guides and tips that can give my students numerous options on how they can study according to their lifestyle and interests. I want my students to have hours of painless and effective study sessions. I personally believe that having an enjoyable than terrible time in studying is one of the best ways to learn. Anyway, I recently came across this fantastic article and thought it’s something worth posting here. It’s about the effective study habits that students should know about. I found this article really interesting, and I hope you’ll like it too. Check it out:

Effective Study Habits Every Student Should Know

https://www.udemy.com/blog/effective-study-habits/“Do your homework!” We’ve all been there. Whether it was our parents telling us as kids or us telling our own kids, we’ve all seen the lack of interest and efficiency in doing our school work.  It wasn’t until I was in my second year in college that I really understood the best way for me to tackle all my school work effectively. Developing effective study habits should ideally be accomplished in grade school but for those of us who didn’t make it to valedictorian we know that our grades suffered because of our less than stellar study habits. Via udemy.com

I do hope this article has provided you some useful information. I am actually planning to post more reading materials here. However, as of the moment I am still organizing my files to make them well-structured. In case you want to have more study guides especially for IELTS test preparation, please don’t hesitate to visit my website.

IELTS Test Requirement To Work Abroad

Here is an awesome article about working abroad. Students and many test takers I know travel to other countries just to find better job opportunities.Of course, they need to pass the IELTS test first before they can legally study, live and work abroad. Check out this article.

Working Abroad: The Experience of Culture Shock | Psychology Today


It takes a lot of money to send an employee abroad: travel, accommodation, family resettlement costs. Yet for an embarrassingly large number of people it “does not work out”. They don’t function very well. A great adventure and a golden opportunity turns into a nightmare. Divorce, drinking problems, depression…..pretty grim legacy from what was meant to be a wonderful move.

Many organisations are happy to employee “the natives” at a junior level, but want tried and tested people from head office to go and “run the show”. They know how the business works and understand the culture. Their job is a sort of cultural franchising, or corporate colonialism. We need “our man” in charge who is happy to show the locals how it should be done.

The question then is whom to choose to go abroad. Is it to be seen as a punishment or a reward? Much depends on where you are sent, for how long and to do what. There are many dilemmas to be resolved. Should you send relatively young people who are fit and adaptable and can probably pick up the “local lingo”? What if they have a young family? And what if the spouse is not so keen? So why not send a silver-back alpha male on a “last tour” to improve the natives. But that could prove very costly….and perhaps there will be few volunteers. Via psychologytoday.com

Check out this article about the IELTS requirement for spouse visa. Test takers should keep this in mind as they can only bring their spouse when this particular requirement is met.

IELTS requirement for spouse visa | IELTS Preparation in Karachi

http://www.ielts-expert.pk/ielts-requirement-for-spouse-visa.htmlMany people ask about the requirement of IELTS for spouse visas for UK, Australia and Canada. Some people their partners or main applicant’s status is student, businessman, residence or immigration. What they require at maximum is 5.0 band overall and Type of test is General Training.

I have had candidates in Defence and Clifton area in Karachi who required  3.5 in three modules and in one 4.0 and overall was 4.0 requirement. Some for in Australia whose partners have immigrant status require 4.5 overall but it varies on visa type i think.

For UK whether the main applicant is British citizen or hold work permit, the spouse needs 4.5 or 5.0 band. But i always suggest to get 5 band minimum to be on secure side. Via ielts-expert.pk

I hope this helps.Keep yourself update, I’ll be posting more in the coming days or weeks.

Current Updates About Canada Immigration

I’ve had many students before who prepared for IELTS for the purpose of obtaining legal rights to live in an English-speaking country such as in Canada. EILTS is also required for university admission in the country. When I saw this article, it reminded me of my students who now are successful and working in Canada. Check this article out:

Canada Immigration News – Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers with Attorney David Cohen

http://www.cicnews.com/2014/10/canadian-immigration-questions-answers-attorney-david-cohen-24-103949.html1. I am a permanent resident and I have been living in Canada for the past two years. I have not made any trips outside of Canada during this period. Does this mean I get any reduction in the mandatory process of completing four years of residency before applying for Citizenship? If so, after how many more days is it possible for me to do so?

At this time, you can apply for citizenship if you have resided in Canada as a permanent resident for at least three years (1,095 days) in the past four years before you apply. You do not get any reduction of this requirement for having stayed in Canada for two years continuously.

However, the residency requirement for citizenship will soon change. Once this change is implemented, you will only be eligible to apply for citizenship if you have resided in Canada as a permanent resident for at least four years (1,460 days) in the past six years before you apply. Via cicnews.com

Here is another article, or shall I say a newsletter that may be useful to IELTS test takers who are pursuing to live in Canada.  It is about the federal Skilled Worker Program or FSWP that applicants can apply to.

Canada Immigration News – First Federal Skilled Worker Occupation Caps Out, But 49 Remain Open For Those Who Act Quickly


We can now additionally report that the first of the eligible occupations for the current FSWP has reached its cap of 1,000 applications accepted for assessment by the government of Canada. Applications made by computer programmers and interactive media developers (NOC 2174) will no longer be accepted under the current FSWP. Other occupation caps, including Financial and investment analysts (NOC 1112), are close to becoming capped out. It is therefore important that people who are eligible under the FSWP and have work experience in one of the remaining 49 eligible occupations either prepare and submit an application before his or her occupation becomes capped out, or investigate their other options. Via cicnews.com

I would love to hear about your thoughts and ideas! Please send me an email or get in touch with me through Facebook if you want to share something or have questions to ask.

Information and Tips about the IELTS Test

Students who are thing about taking the IELTS test should ask themselves some very important questions about the exam. I found some interesting questions that can significantly help students make a wise and well-informed decision. Find out more by reading this article.

Answers to Your Questions About IELTS – ASC English, Boston, MA

http://www.eslclassesboston.com/854396/2014/10/21/answers-to-your-questions-about-ielts.htmlWhich Test Version Should I Take?

There are two versions of the IELTS. The version you should take depends upon your goals for taking the test. If you wish to use your IELTS scores to gain admittance to a university or college, you should take the Academic test. If you wish to apply to an occupational training program or a job that requires English skills, you should take the General Training test.

What is the Format of the Test?

The format of the IELTS is very similar to the format of the iBT TOEFL exam. The IELTS consists of four parts. Thirty minutes are allotted for the listening section and 60 minutes are allowed for the reading section. You’ll have 60 minutes for the writing section. All three of these sections are taken in one session. You may also take the speaking section on the same day or you may take it within seven days of the other portions. The speaking section lasts 11 to 14 minutes. Via eslclassesboston.com

Tips and techniques – these should be an important part of preparing for the IELTS test. If you are a student or applying for residency, have a look at this article and see how you can improve your performance during the test.

Read less, learn more | IELTS tips

As a test, I’ll tell new students to read and complete one or two IELTS Reading tasks. Often, a red flag arises immediately: the questions go to one side, the reading passage takes centre stage and the student reads the text word by word from beginning to end; worse still, some stop to panic about words they don’t know! I can just see the minutes ticking away and no answers being noted down…

This post focuses on the two key mistakes that those students above are making to prevent you from making them too.

In the Reading test, your time is precious. And the students described above are wasting it!

What should you be doing with your limited time? Make the questions the priority. Rather than pushing them to the side to look at each word in each paragraph in each passage, read the questions to know what information you need to look for when you do read the passages. First, read the questions to understand their meanings and to know what they are looking for. Then just start answering them. Find information that answers questions and apply it as fast as possible. Via ieltspractice.com

Does exchanging ideas and information something you’d be interested in? If it does, please send me a message.