Math and English Tuition

Math and English Tuition

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There are a number of English and Math tuition centers in Singapore such as English Tutor Singapore. 

Some focus on teaching of elementary and high school students. The key to the success of tuition centers lies on the quality of its teachers, excellent training and individualized attention to students. The teacher to student ratio is small with only maximum of 10 students to a teacher. Some tuition centers offer extra holiday tuition for different subjects through camps.

Tuition centers focus on teaching math at the primary level based on the Singaporean curriculum. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are taught to students. Teachers teach different math topics such as decimals, geometry, statistics, ratios and percentages. Different heuristic methods and strategies in problem solving are also taught. There is also extra tuition which focuses on excelling in the subject.

The high school math students are taught using the GCE “O” and “N” level curriculum. Topics such as algebra, functions, ratios, geometry, trigonometry, and its applications are taught. Critical thinking, problem solving and non routine problem solving heuristic methods are the main focus. Math is viewed not as a subject but rather an answer to different problems impacting society. Students are primed to look at the bigger picture in the application of math to daily life.

Science is important because they aid students in connecting different things to life. Students in the center are trained about the different cycles such as the reproductive cycle and water cycle. Students are also exposed to the various body systems such as the respiratory system

The tuition center aims to succeed in all subjects whether in English, Math or Science. The education center has succeeded in preparing priming students in the past and wishes to aim for higher grades in the future with each student maximizing his potential.


The Popularity of Instant Photobooths

The Popularity of Instant Photobooths

Memories are one of the things people hold on tight to because they are the only things in the world that don’t change. The only problem is that as people get older and learn more things, some of their memories begin to fade and in the long-run, some of these memories will long be forgotten. Fortunately, people have found a way to preserve these memories–through letters, pictures, and other memorabilia. This is why instant photo booths are so popular.

You may notice that almost all events nowadays, from baby parties to weddings, would have instant photo booths, complete with costumes and talk bubbles. Because what better way of leaving your guests with good memories than to give them their own pictures from your event?

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Sure, cellphones and cameras are great for taking pictures but you’d have to pay so much to get them all printed. Photo booths give instant pictures, and you can even customize them to print out the name of your event so that people won’t forget the memories they had with those pictures.

Photo booths can either be rented or owned. If you’re only planning to use it for a single event, then renting would be a good option. However, if you are really fond of pictures and you want photo booths in all your events, then it would be cheaper to just buy one of your own. In fact, you can even use this as a business if you’re not going to use them regularly anyway. The only downside to buying, though, is that you’d have a hard time bringing them to different places in case your events are held in different places. Some photo booths also only have fixed backgrounds so this may be a problem if you’re having different events. Of course, you can always ask a professional to change the backgrounds for you but this means additional costs. Whether you want to rent or are thinking of owning a photo booth, check out for more information.

Instant photo booths are great for people who are fond of keeping memorabilia because the pictures are instantly delivered right after being taken and people have fun getting their pictures taken, especially when props and costumes are involved. It is also way better than cellphones and cameras because there can be at most four different pictures in one print. It is definitely a great thing to have for events so that no one will forget your special days.