Learning the English language offers a wide variety of benefits. It doesn’t just open doors to a wide variety of educational and employment opportunities worldwide but it also makes things a lot easier. Knowing the English language allows us to watch blockbuster movies that are only available with subtitles. It is also not a secret that being English proficient makes us qualified to wonderful opportunities that can significantly improve our status in a financial sense.


Many countries have educational systems that make English subjects necessary for classes. This is the reason why many people from around the world are able to listen, speak, read and write using the English language without any difficulties at all. However, applicants for university admission as well as residency and employment abroad require a different level of English proficiency. Those who are aiming to live, study and work abroad should prove that they have the sufficient English skills and knowledge necessary for them to function well in an English-speaking Society.

The IELTS test opens doors to opportunities that can help improve the lives of people. This is Fred Malone’s website and those who want to learn and master the English language as well pass the IELTS test can take advantage of the information made available here. Particular topics that are featured here are information about universities, residency and employers abroad as well as some details regarding the English test.